Lip fillers are no longer the only method of helping you to achieve plumper, fuller lips. Doing away with injectable treatments, Fotona’s LipLase is an alternative form of lip enhancement that makes use of sophisticated laser technology to re-introduce volume to the lips of those who have experienced the thinning of this delicate area over time.

As we age, a lot of us have to endure the distressing inevitably of losing volume, fullness and definition from our lips. It can be tempting to undergo surgical lip lifts or filler treatments to enhance this aspect of our appearance. But, as a growing number of us prefer not to involve ourselves in treatments that entail incisions or injections, LipLase has proven an equally effective method of achieving the very same objective of fuller, natural-looking lips.

How Does it Work?

LipLase works by heating up the lips and the areas of skin around them. Targeting the lips and layers of skin at a deep level, this results in the stimulation of collagen, a naturally-occurring protein responsible for helping the skin to maintain its tautness and elasticity, filling our lips out in the process.

With the targeted application of LipLase technology, patients are left with more voluminous lips that increase in plumpness over time. This is a cosmetic improvement achieved with the help of cutting-edge laser technology, requiring no foreign objects or substances to enter the skin at any point during the process.


Am I a candidate for LipLase?

LipLase is a laser-based alternative to traditional methods of surgical intervention and cosmetic lip fillers. As such, it is a suitable form of treatment for those wishing to avoid the problems and processes of invasive and injection-heavy treatment. This procedure can only be carried out on those over 18.

How long will it take to see the results?

Results will not be seen immediately as it will take time for the effects of increased collagen production to become noticeable. Improvements will be seen gradually and will be visible for up to six months. It is advised that clients undergo 3-4 treatments to achieve optimum results.

How long does the treatment take?

Most LipLase treatments will be conducted in around 20 minutes.

Will I experience any downtime?

Heat may be experienced around the treatment area for 30 minutes following afterwards. In the days that follow the treatment, your lips will peel and you will be encouraged to keep them moist. Your normal everyday routine should not be disrupted.

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