Medical-Grade Skin Care Products

“Great skin starts with great skin care and skin nutrition”

Although your digestive system is your lifeline to good health and beautiful skin Eliza’s belief based on expertise and knowledge is that remarkable skin correction and outstanding results are only possible when the most advanced, high-performing and purified ingredients are delivered deep into the dermis where the ageing process starts.

Luxurious High-Performance Results-Oriented Ranges

Eliza uses ZO, CosMedix and SkinCeuticals skin care lines to address all skin needs and concerns from general loss of radiance and fine lines to more problematic conditions such as acne, pigmentation, sensitivity and rosacea. These specially-selected ranges create medical strength results using all natural and chirally correct ingredients.

Restores skin nutrition | Repairs DNA | Significantly increases collagen/elastin stimulation | Restores your barrier and remodels scarring.

Medical-Grade Skin Care Products

The chemistry of better skin care

CosMedix skin care products are the answer to a healthy complexion without irritation. Our advanced cosmeceutical line works to enhance the physiology of the skin through the use of only the most purified, chirally correct and effective ingredients that are safe and beneficial for the skin. Know as the chirally correct pioneer, CosMedix is the choice dermatologists, physicians and aestheticians worldwide for enhanced treatment results.

What is Chirality?

Chirality refers to the right-handed and left-handed molecules in our bodies and the ingredients we apply to them. Ingredients that have been chirally corrected have been filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with the skin. In addition to minimizing the risk of allergic or adverse reactions, studies have shown this process to produce ingredients up to four times more concentrated than those in conventional brands.

Because of the time and money required for chiral correction, most skin care brands opt of raw, achiral (known as racemic) ingredients. A blend of right- and left-handed molecules, these ingredients are often diluted by ineffectual, and occasionally harmful, molecules that can irritate the skin and weaken a formula. To make matters worse, many add chemical dyes and preservatives that can cause further irritation and allergic reaction.

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