Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

  • Beautiful, sleek, natural-looking eyebrows for a natural eyelift
  • Soft eye definition for wide-awake, alluring eyes
Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

‘As we get older, our facial features naturally start to lose some definition,’ explains Eliza. ‘The eyebrows, in particular, often suffer as a result of over- plucking or just a natural loss of hair. A lack of definition in the eyebrows in itself can be ageing. Many women spend a lot of money on make-up whilst underestimating the difference that a pair of perfectly shaped arches can make in taking years of their face. Beautifully and expertly applied, Semi-permanent Make-up offers a way to achieve discreet and subtle definition, without the need to reach for your eyebrow pencil each morning. This is the New Natural Face Lift.’

In expert hands

Many women worry that Semi-permanent make-up will look obvious and, if not expertly applied, this unfortunately can be the case. According to Eliza, simply choosing a qualified technician is not enough. ‘A good make-up artist will study the face first and look to create balance, harmony and a lifting effect,’ she says.

Eliza applies her make-up artist’s skills and experience to the art of Semi-permanent make-up. She can enhance and perfect sparse or pale coloured eyebrows or create a full pair of semi-permanent eyebrows for clients who have lost their eyebrows and would prefer not to spend the time and effort filling them in with make-up on a daily basis.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Semi-Permanent Make-up

The FAME™ technique

When applying Semi-permanent make-up Eliza stays true to her philosophy that “beauty is in the detail” and “less is more”. A perfectionist with an attention to detail, Eliza trained one-to-one with Debra Robson, the high profile, Harley Street-based Semi-permanent make-up guru, to use the Fine Art of Micro Enhancement (FAME™) technique.

The FAME™ technique, developed by Debra Robson-Lawrence, is designed to “reconstruct and shape every eyebrow by replicating each hair at a microscopic level. The result is subtle, natural-looking and realistic” and, in turn, a fantastic confidence boost for those who have lost their eyebrows for a range of reasons.

Eliza uses her make-up artist’s expertise to create a completely bespoke, subtle and natural look and achieve balance, harmony and a natural “eye lift” effect.

The Advanced Eyebrow Enhancement treatment consists of two appointments and starts with a consultation with Eliza. At the consultation, she will discuss with you the desired look, so that the shape and colour of the brows will be personalized to compliment both your facial features and your skin tone. Eliza will create a bespoke colour blend as unique as each individual.

For clients that simply have small gaps in the eyebrows, very fine hairs are drawn and weaved to fill these areas or eyebrow ends for sparse arches.

The treatment is very comfortable as Eliza uses anaesthetic cream before the procedure.

Eyes – Permanent eye definition

Permanent Eyelash Definition by Eliza is a treatment, in which tiny little ‘dots’ of pigment are implanted into the skin among the upper and lower lashes giving the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes and greater eye definition. The result is a clean, simple but defined look.

The treatment is very comfortable as Eliza uses anaesthetic cream before the procedure.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

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