Our Lasers

The latest skin care technology

Lasers nowadays allow us to treat many skin conditions at a very precise level previously impossible.

It is important to know:

  • No single laser system is a master of all procedures – a wide range of laser wavelengths are required for optimal results.
  • Not all laser systems are equal – equipment quality ranges from poor to excellent.
  • IPL systems are, as a rule, less effective for a given task than a laser – an IPL with a power output of 500 watts can not outperform a 20,000-watt laser!
  • You will get what you pay for.

Laser and light sources used at Eliza Facialist Laser & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic include:

Our Lasers

Harmony XL Platform – Alma lasers:

  • 1064 Q switched Nd:YAG laser
  • 532 Q switched KTP laser
  • 1064 LP Nd:YAG laser (2mm and 6mm tip)
  • 1320 LP Nd:YAG laser
  • Er:YAG 2940 fractional laser (pixel)
  • Er:YAG 2940 traditional laser
  • IPL 420 – 950nm (blue light)
  • IPL 540 – 950nm (green light)
  • IPL 570 – 950nm (yellow light)
  • IPL 650 – 950nm (red light)

Soprano XL – Alma laser:

  • 810nm diode laser both in standard and SHR modes

Accent ULTRA (45.00 mhz radiofrequency device and ultrasound) – Alma lasers:

  • Radiofrequency Bipolar and Unipolar heads
  • Radiofriquency Pixel fractional laser

Thunder MT

Laser Hair Removal

Here at Eliza Facialist, we use the most advanced laser called Thunder MT, a cutting-edge device offering up to two laser wavelengths, 755nm and 1064nm, in single or combined emission by the proprietary Mixed Technology to provide long-lasting treatment results for all skin types. This combination represents right now the new Gold Standard for laser treatments.

With the proven, effective and safe treatments to the face and body, the Thunder is a fast and ideal way to reduce body hair, dermatological vascular lesions, nail fungi and provide skin rejuvenation treatments. A treatment investment for your long term self-esteem and body confidence.

Advantages of receiving a Thunder laser treatment at Eliza Facialist:

  • Effective performances on all hair types including fine hair
  • Effective performances on all skin types & colours
  • It is safe on all skin types including darker and tanned skin
  • Able to treat light coloured, blonde, red and dark hair
  • Increased results for treating vascular conditions due to Mixed Technology
  • Increased results for skin rejuvenation
  • Quick treatment times, with a full-body being treated in under 40 minutes
  • All year round treatments
  • Painless treatments

We offer the entire range of laser and IPL technologies and we can truly recommend the system that is best suited to your individual needs and is the best choice for you.

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