Summer Skin All Year Round

Summer Skin All Year Round

Although Summer feels like it will never come when you are in the Winter months. It has never been a better time to prepare your skin for bikini season. Eliza Facialist offers a hair removal treatment that will leave you with smooth skin and binning all your razors for good!

The Soprano device is well loved by many as an effective and pain-free method for hair removal. Waxing and shaving can become a nuisance after a while therefore many choose to make it more permanent. With so many options out there it can be hard to choose what is right for you.

Soprano is a flexible treatment that can be used on all skin tones and hair types. Other laser methods have favoured lighter skin tones with darker hair for optimal results. However, Soprano can be used successfully on deeper skin tones as well as finer, lighter hair types. This is one of many reasons why Soprano treatments are so preferred over other laser hair removal methods.

Traditional IPL treatments can feel like a rubber band flicking you but Soprano is comfortable, warming up slowly throughout your appointment so the areas can be targeted effectively and correctly. The head of the device, which comes in to contact with the skin, is cold to keep the skin’s surface cool while it targets the hair follicles. As a result, this treatment is suitable for most skin types even those who are more sensitive.

The machine itself is brilliant but as with most beauty treatments it is all about the therapist and their experience. The therapists at Eliza Facialist have over 8 years experience using the Soprano device and many clients who are delighted with the results.

“Eliza is so comfortable to be around… honestly it’s the best decision I have ever made.”

Unlike some other clinics, you will have the same therapist every time, making your treatment experience as comfortable and accurate as possible. As they get to know you, your therapist will be able to adapt your treatment to suit your needs.

Why wait until Summer to enjoy smooth skin!

Soprano Laser is a hair removal method performed by the therapists at Eliza Facialist. To know more about the treatment, please click here for more information.

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